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Metallic tattoos are a fashion accessory that is easy to wear, and can be casually worn to complement your existing accessories or even entirely replace them. Metallic tattoos are temporary, and have become a hit fashion sensation for events such EDM and music festivals, weddings, stagettes, pool parties, dinner parties, or even just a day at the beach.

Our focus to differentiate was to be fashionable, modern, and lifestyle focused by creating our own custom designs that fit within who we identified as our market.


Roles: Creative Direction & Styling, Logo, Branding, Website, Print & Packaging, Marketing, Photography, Videography


When deciding upon a name, we wanted it to resonate with our customers and also leave an impression of becoming more. A word we kept coming back to for those described qualities was 'wanderlust' -- which is described as a, "strong longing for or impulse towards wandering."

Our target demographic for these metallic tattoos were females in their early-mid twenties. We decided to begin with 2 product lines with differing styles catering to the current taste in trends we felt reflected what would connect well with our audience. They were carefully put together with various elements of boho, elegance, and whimsical designs.

For our photography, we wanted to show the casual lifestyle side of how it can be worn, but also the music festival side at outdoor events. Later we also did an additional shoot for a possible elegant party or dine-out. Throughout the shoot we also captured video for each of these scenarios such that we can have the flexibility and also increase the life-time value of the content. Another focus for the shoot was showcasing the flexibility of our designs, and the various ways they can be worn. We wanted to encourage creativity, by cutting up parts of the design and applying them on a multitude of areas.


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