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"AX3 is the multimedia outlet for Asian pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment that bridges the gap between the East and the West. We dedicate ourselves in providing the latest Asian news and events both locally and globally; and producing quality creative media design and production services for all."

Initially joining the team as a Production Associate and then taking on the Production Manager role, we expand the production quality and introduced standardized processes to the company. With an increase of projects growing to upwards of 40, it was necessary to ensure we maintained a high degree of performance across the board.

This was done through extensive work in pre-production by evaluating what is required of us and possible within scope, then coming up with other creative techniques we would like to try and incorporate into the project to add value.

We often ran pre-production days where we would experiment with a technique and possibilities to improve the way we do things. This allowed us as a team to learn together and grow quickly with each passing project.

Production Manager
Photographer / Videographer
Graphic Designer

Creative Direction + Producer
Project Management
Scripting + Planning
Print Design
Motion Design
Photo + Video

As a means to organize the editing for projects within the team, we created an outline on the standards to ensure everyone will know how folders are structured without having to waste time looking around for missing files.



This project was a free print magazine focused on Asian pop culture, and lifestyle. It was distributed locally around metro Vancouver during the months of January through June 2012. My contributions were primarily through photography, being tasked to capture the main headline story for the magazine's cover, but I've also designed various spreads within the magazine as well.


With every concert we cover, we also tend to conduct interviews with the performers for our YouTube channel and blog. A lot of pre-production planning happens before each shoot -- we research the artist's past, what they are working on now, and what can we expect in the future.



During my time with AX3, I had the opportunity to cover over 20 different concerts and events. They ranged from local singers, bands, YouTube artists, HK & Taiwanese singers, competitions, shows, beauty pageants and even travelling for a few short trips on occasion.

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