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“We are photographers, videographers, designers, and creative professionals who are obsessed with everything and anything related to the field."

I'll be the first to admit that appearing in front of a camera is not where I'm most comfortable. But while looking for a creative project to pursue with a friend, we decided with our combined experience in photography and videography we could consolidate it and share it with the world. Between the two of us we have 16 years of experience in photography, film, and video production -- so we decided to start a YouTube channel and a blog!

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In the pursuit of building a successful YouTube channel these days in a hugely saturated market, there needs to be a direction and plan in place. As a 'YouTuber' on their platform, you are a Content Creator and as such need to be constantly producing high quality and high value content. With our extensive experience in photography and videography, this was easy for us once we decided on our demographic/target audience and direction.


Having watched our fair share of YouTube videos on cameras and experience in the industry, our audience will likely be in the 18-34 year old age range, and predominantly a male audience.

Now knowing the audience, we further broke it down into different personas by segmenting it by age range. An 18 year old watching our videos may not have the purchasing power right now to buy a professional DSLR, but what they'd be interested in would possibly be the basic techniques or tips to get more out of the equipment that they currently have. That way, once they're ready to make the jump they will have developed the necessary skills and appreciate that much more what professional equipment can help produce.


The next step we took was to start developing the framework for content planning and creation. This part was where we had to do some deep reflection on our origins, and how we got to where we are currently. With our audience segments identified, it was then up to us to brainstorm a timeline of how we learned, where we learned, and what we wish we had learned at that time in our journey to where we are now. This allowed us to think more clearly as to what types of content we believe would resonate with that respective audience group, and also the voice/tone we would communicate to them with.

Once our timeline was completed, we used it to then inform a content brainstorm where we presented and compared our experiences to create potential video content. In total we came up with 190 ideas until we became exhausted from thinking.

With all these content ideas, it's a bit overwhelming to know where to start. So a method was set-up where we would score each video idea on 8 different criteria and based on the total sum it would dictate what is more higher in priority or relevant to each targeted audience.

Once a video idea is selected, we then put it through to the backlog of our Kanban board on Asana to track its progress. This way we would be able to see what videos are ready to be published and also help us to develop a backlog for an odd week where we don't have time to shoot a video.


Knowing that our demographic is predominantly male, we went in a direction that evoked youth, impact, and an emphasis on production quality through motion graphics. Many existing creators are producing great content, but we felt that supplementing motion graphics when needed can visually help communicate quicker and effectively.


Once we decided on where to shoot our videos, we needed to decorate our studio 'set' a bit more. Looking to cover parts of the background, we designed and printed some branded posters to decorate with. They turned out quite well!

Our trailer and introduction video for our YouTube channel! It's a summary of our past work to give a sense of our experience in various projects -- I guess you could also call this our demo reel? Enjoy!

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