Saltus Athletic Academy

"Forging strong, powerful athletes and changing the way Canada thinks about strength & conditioning and athletic development."
-   Saltus Athletic Academy


The founders of Saltus Athletic Academy reached out through a referral for help to build out the branding of their new small business venture. The goal was to create eye-catching content that accurately captures the essence and aspirations for their business.


Roles: Creative Direction, Producer, Project Management, Scripting & Planning, Photography, Videography


When deciding upon a name, we wanted it to resonate with our customers and also leave an impression of becoming more. A word we kept coming back to for those described qualities was 'wanderlust' -- which is described as a, "strong longing for or impulse towards wandering."

This theme was carried throughout the creative direction, transpiring into our accessment of equipment we would need to accomplish the vision. Following our conversations and reasearch, we settled on shooting portions of the video in slow-motion to communicate the small pivotal moments and decisions that are made in the fast-paced game of basketball -- how all the hard work and training on the court will provide the ability to win the 1-on-1 battles you will face in a game against the opponent. 


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